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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th January 2019 Full Sony TV Hindi Episode 367

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th January 2019 Full Episode 367 HD watch Video online. Above is our video for you to watch online Sonyliv Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th January 2019 latest full episode. Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Episode by Sony TV. Watch Serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11 Jan 2019 Drama Episode Online Download Free.

Serial/Show Episode: 367

Media Source: Tune PK

Telecast Date: 11th January 2019

Video Owner: Sony TV & Sonyliv

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Today Episode

Tai ji and Rakesh are dazed to see Naina and Sameer. Sameer in like manner sees them and his eyes develop in daze. Tai ji yells to Naina. She rotates toward the sky. Sameer stops the bike. Rakesh stops the auto and starts walking around them. They both survey the assorted events they saw Naina with Sameer. Rakesh slaps Sameer as he tries to state anything. Tai ji pulls Naina to the auto by her ear. Sameer looks on weakly.

I get the deadheads at whatever point I consider that day. I am furthermore desirous of the present age. They act so cool before their people these days yet no one taught us to be so courageous like them. Naina and I appreciated what would happen! Ye Un Dino Ki Baat Hai!

Rakesh keeps slapping Naina more than once. His kin educates him to stop

in any case, Rakesh can’t. I wish I had no young lady. It would have been outstanding than seeing this day! She was getting an accuse out of that individual clearly! Is it genuine that you weren’t humiliated before doing that? Tai ji asks her fo think of another legitimization. You got in a trading off position today. I scrutinized her anyway she used to get away from somehow.

Do you by and by recognize why I was after everyone? She has deceived us! Rakesh comes back with a stick yet his kin teaches him to let Naina uncover to her side of the story. Bela reluctantly gives up Naina. Rakesh’s kin asks Naina what her association with Sameer is. She remains quiet. He asks her again. I understand that time is changing and people who don’t seek after the example fall behind. I needn’t bother with something to turn out gravely in our home like what we saw starting late.

Tell us everything truly. Rakesh questions anyway his kin teaches him to get it. The youngsters have grown up. Think about how conceivable it is that they achieve something erroneously. He coordinates his fixation toward Naina. Exactly when did you meet Sameer? Right when did this start and how far have you both gone? Naina answers that they met in eleventh standard in school. Rakesh shouts at her anyway his kin makes him stand subtly in a corner.

He makes Preeti bring water for Naina. He ensures Naina she require not cry. We are here. Naina drinks water. He goes over her words. Naina says we appreciate each other starting now and into the foreseeable future and need to marry each other. He ends up slapping her hard this time. You have done what’s required! By and by we will do what we have to do!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Latest Episode

Tai ji is smoldering in resentment. She surveys multi day when she had gone to asylum with Bela and Preeti. She had gone to the haven to speak to God for Pralay’s tests. A lady asks Bela what she has come here for. Bela says my supplications are currently answered. The ladies get some data about Pooja. Bela speaks cheerfully about her. The lady says Naina too would have been overseeing her home if you had not broken organization with Sharad.

We met his mother yesterday figuratively speaking. She was dreary over whatever happened. Bela continues with Preeti to do puja. Tai ji gets some data about what Sharad’s mother was expressing. The lady says she was down and out over how the intrigue broke. She dint like the family. Will we ask them yet again? Tai ji gets considering. Flashback closes.

Munna and Pundit are shocked to hear what happened. Sameer goes to Naina’s home yet they provoke him against it. Try not to appreciate what Rakesh ji would have done to her. Sameer says that is the reason I am going. No one is there to manage the condition. Chacha ji is also away. They request that they should hit Naina there and he will in like manner be beaten in case he goes there. This chafes Sameer. I wont bear it if anyone even reaches her. They ask with respect to whether he will hit them or surrender them. Sameer signals. I will relinquish them essentially like I left Ma for her. They pull the key from the bike and offer to find what’s happening at Naina’s home.

Bela is hitting Naina. Preeti endeavors to stop her yet Bela is pulverized in light of Naina’s deceptions. Bela asks with respect to whether she is moreover captivating in extramarital relations. Let me know. Naina stops her maxim she isn’t into all that. Bela says why you allow it a qualm. That day you went to see film with him so to speak? She hits Naina.

Anand reinforced you at every movement of life. You should have atleast considered him! Bhabhi ji was right. Offspring of someone else never transform into our own! They remain outcasts in a manner of speaking! Bela cries. It is my fault. I was endeavoring to be your mother! Preeti stays with her sister. Bela says your Chacha ji is coming today around night time.

He will be energized by your exhibits. He used to talk about you so happily before everyone! She pulls at Naina’s ear angrily. Preeti encourages her to stop it. Daddy knows everything. Bela is staggered. He knows? Preeti motions. Preeti and Naina cry.

Munna can’t accomplish Naina’s landline. He ends up calling Swati. She picks the call and is surprised to hear his voice. She asks with respect to whether he is fine. He answers that he dint call her to ask how she is. She is happy that he even called her. He says Naina still thinks of you as your nearest partner. He exhorts her start and end. She asks for that he hold the phone down for 2 minutes. I will find what’s happening.

Bela asks Preeti again. Preeti swears upon her. He has given his signal to them and their relationship. He is so content with it that he even agreed to address everyone when he has come back from USA. Bela sits on the swing deadened.

Tai ji holds Naina’s hand asking for that her go with her. She alerts Naina to be quiet. Bela, you moreover follow along. Bela asks her where she is taking Naina. Rakesh says it is her wedding today. She is going to asylum! Tai ji says she is blessed. Sharad and his family agreed for the wedding after whatever happened! My significant other has gone to haven to make amusement arrangements.

Bela proposes sitting tight for Anand to come yet Tai ji does not want to misuse at whatever point. Bela and Naina talk antagonistically about Sharad anyway Rakesh stays put. Naina requests her father not to do this. I don’t wish to marry Sharad. Rakesh asks with respect to whether she needs to crush his respect before everyone for that Sameer. The vehicle is first floor. Preeti furthermore asks Tai ji not to do it. Sharad is definitely not a legend. Tai ji pays no respect to them. Bela stays there in stagger.