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Nazar 2nd January 2019 Full Episode 117 And Latest News Update

Nazar 2nd January 2019 Full Episode 117 HD watch Video online. Above is our video for you to watch online Hotstar Nazar 2nd January 2019 latest full episode. Nazar Episode by Star Plus. Watch Serial Nazar 2 Jan 2019 Drama Episode Online Download Free.

Serial/Show Episode: 117

Media Source: Tune PK

Telecast Date: 2nd January 2019

Video Owner: Star Plus & Hotstar

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Mohana gets Ansh’s allies and starts eating their lives. Piya is looking around for Mohana, she hears a couple of cries. Mohana gets on divider with her prey. Piya uses her snake powers to glance through her.

Mohana eats three young fellows’ lives and ends up energetic again. Piya comes there and calls everyone aside from Mohana is kept running with young fellows. Ansh asks what was the arrangement? Piya says they were here. Ansh asks who? Piya says Mohana. Mohana has bobbed down from working with three men. Ansh asks what was the arrangement? Piya says I saw Mohana killing three men. Ansh says you ought to be stirred up. Vedshree says Piya almost certainly observed something. Piya says you most likely won’t believe it yet I will illustrate.

Piya comes to Mohana and says I will draw out your reality. Mohana still has three bodies grabbed from her wind. Piya goes to

bring family. Mohana swings bodies to searing remains and leaves. Piya brings everyone there aside from Mohana is gone. Piya says Mohana was here. Ansh says stop it. Piya says you dont trust me. Mohana comes there and says you require me to state I executed them? Mohana says yes I butchered them and ate my age, they put patal liquid so I couldnt go out and I found my prey in house. Ansh is bewildered. Mohana says you understand I am a witch, if I feel frustrated about individuals, what will I eat? its my vulnerability. Vedsheree says enough, Ansh that is the reason I sent her away, witch can’t be of anyone, she executed her significant other also. Mohana says Ansh knows this, witch and human take after lion and goats, lion eats them, just Ansh would understand as he is from my world. Piya says what your world? you are off base for killing individuals and Ansh knows it. Ansh says Mohana is right, it her defenselessness, if lion can pursue preys, why cant she eat individuals? she didnt attack her family. Piya says they were exemplary and you dont care? Ansh says enough, I dont need to talk more, he leaves. All go behind him. Mohana says to Piya that Ansh is moving a long way from you.

Ace Maa says to Piya for what reason would Ansh do it? Piya says Ansh despise it already, Guru Maa says despicable is pulling him towards it. Nishant says for sure, he is getting the opportunity to look like her mother. Piya says why he is advancing at this point? Nishant says relations dont matter, why she needs Ansh to twist up detestation? she has some benefit by it. Piya says we have to find what she is upto. Nishant says first we have to find her weakness then we will know why Ansh is basic to her. He shows Mohana’s hair and says we can scrutinize them to find her deficiency. He says Piya can scrutinize them yet we have to take help from him. Piya asks who? Nishant calls a noteworthy crow on window.

Avi says to family that those three young fellows were not found wherever. Vedsheree says Mohana recognized that she executed them. Avi says we can’t do anything without proof. Chitali says put her in jail. Avi says she is a witch. Vedsheree says why it didnt matter to Ansh? it is sheltered to state that he is getting the opportunity to look like Mohana?