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Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2019 Full Zee TV Hindi Episode 398

Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2019 Full Episode 398 HD watch Video online. Above is our video for you to watch online Ozee Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2019 latest full episode. Kundali Bhagya Episode by Zee TV. Watch Serial Kundali Bhagya 9 Jan 2019 Drama Episode Online Download Free.

Serial/Show Episode: 398

Media Source: Tune PK

Telecast Date: 9th January 2019

Video Owner: Zee TV & Ozee

Kundali Bhagya Latest Today Episode

Karan is on his bed and considering Preeta protected them two in the court and Rishab is furthermore considering her,How she is so great and loving, Preeta is again attentive mulling over all of the minutes proceeded with Karan and all his childish exhibitions.

Rishab sits and calls Preeta, he says that he appreciates her and says that he reveres her and expected to encourage this to her

regardless, was never prepared to, he says that he was in a troublesome position and felt torment, she gets focused on, Shrishti asks for that her stop, yet she encourages her to calms down, she lifts it up and says that he can do the methods not checking out Preeta, she hands the pone and he considers

of how she came to think about this,Preeta says that she will call him later in the initial segment of the day, Shrishti looks yet Preeta encourages her to close up,they then start to

have a fight.

Preeta gets away from a rickshaw, she sees a vehicle and Manisha abandon it, she asks as to for what reason did Mansiha call her here, she say that she told everyone that she was an onlooker, Manisha says that she understands that Preeta has a place with common laborers family and will give her any total she needs to recover her words, Preeta says that she isn’t enjoy her and will never do this, Preeta will leave when Manisha stops her and says that eh will make Rishab and Karan go to detain and there is nothing that she can do about this,she then leaves and Preeta is left focused.

Kundali Bhagya Latest Latest Episode

Rishab and Karan are with the legitimate advisor he says that they should be conscious about everything,

Preeta comes and ask the legitimate advisor and says that they should be to a great degree careful,Preeta says that Manisha called her and settling to offer money,Rishab gets angry,The lawful advocate says this is the reason that the onlooker are not taking note of his phone, they all get worried as t what will happen next in light of the way this is extreme case,.

Prithvi offers money to the portal searching for his agree to not say anything and recover what he said,Preeta says that Manisha went to the room since he promised her to marry her and this is the reason she kept running with him, Preeta says that they can use this as a weapon, Preeta apologizes him early, and says that he should marry Manisha.

Prithvi enters the vehicle and says that he has acquired the expert, Sherlin gets focused on says that what will happen if he gives money along these lines, Prithvi says that he couldn’t mind less to anything and simply needs Karan and Rishab to go to detain.

Everyone is looking yet Karan says that he won’t do this, Rishab moreover says that he feels she isn’t right this time, the lawyer in any case is with her and grasps her plan,saying top she is right and they ought to in like manner tune in. Karan gets incensed saying that he won’t marry anyone and leaves, everyone tails him, Preeta says that he should tune in as if he does this then he will be free as this is the primary way, she endeavors to clear up that he is on the edge of his calling attesting that if he doesn’t do anything, will be wrecked.

Prithvi comes to Manisha house and meets with the l;lawyer, he ask him what Manisha did as Luthra’s have to meet, Prithvi says that they are not going to meet and simply require him to win the case for them,

the lawful counsel says that he wishes that they should meet with them and they agree,wondering what they could do with another verification in their pack, Prithvi asks Manisha to expel any offer and moreover record their reactions since they have to see them persevere.