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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 31st December 2018 Full Episode 81 Today News Update Article

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 31st December 2018 Full Episode 81 HD watch Video online. Above is our video for you to watch online Hotstar Kasauti Zindagi Ki 31st December 2018 latest full episode. Kasauti Zindagi Ki Episode by Star Plus. Watch Serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki 31 Dec 2018 Drama Episode Online Download Free.

Serial/Show Episode: 81

Media Source: Tune PK

Telecast Date: 31st December 2018

Video Owner: Star Plus & Hotstar

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The Episode starts with Anurag inciting Navin. Navin jokes on him. Anurag asks as to for what reason are you doing this, there is no one around, for what reason don’t you talk explicitly. Navin says don’t holler, you are unwell. Anurag says you will be unwell soon, I turned out to be progressively familiar with your and Madhuri’s association, I got even your marriage confirmation.

Navin says I just joked about it and you contemplate it, your and my fight is as for Prerna, you needn’t bother with me to marry Prerna, I like her, I as of late educated that in disappointment. Mohini and Madhuri see the enhancements. Nivedita asks what’s this, we are Bengalis, for what reason are we doing this in North indian style. Mohini says Veena has requested this and Navin agreed, I m doing this for Navin. Anurag asks are you done talking. Navin says you don’t confide in me, let me call Madhuri.

He calls Madhuri.

Mohini says I m stressed about Anurag, I would have undeniably put off the marriage if Prerna and Navin’s tickets were not booked, Anurag won’t this way. Nivedita thinks whatever happens is for the extraordinary, if Anurag woke up, he would have achieved something and demonized the family for the benefit of Prerna. Madhuri asks as to for what reason did you call me.

Navin asks for that her come. He asks Anurag to meet Madhuri. He asks Madhuri to clear up Anurag, he has been acting unconventionally. He says you elucidate him and clear his perplexity. Madhuri says Navin is my Devar, he does abnormal things in disturbance.

Anurag says you act like him, all of you are essentially made for each other, you lie a comparative way and cheat a comparable way, you are a woman, he made you wear mangalsutra, you know the significance. She says its the misguided judgment. He says I have seen you together, what will you say now, I even got your marriage confirmation, some woman got it away, it was you, covered as therapeutic chaperon, I had seen you. She says you are stirred up.

Navin sings and grasps her. He says enough Jaan, Madhuri is my significant other… . Madhuri asks him not to lie. Navin says without a doubt, Madhuri is my significant other, I m married to her, she causes me arrange everything considered, that is the reason I call her Jaan, I m wedding Prerna, stop me if you can. Anurag slaps him.

Navin slaps himself and says achieve something one of a kind, you murder me, you have no sureness or quality. Anurag says you haven’t consider it to be of not very far in the past, I haven’t stooped to your measurement, I will smash you, I ensure this marriage won’t happen, you will pay for all of them, the reason will be Prerna. Navin says did you hear him, I unveiled to you this individual untruths, he reveres Prerna.

Anurag gets his neck area and says such an irritating thinking, I can expect this from you. Navin says I m playful to see your earnestness, I m valuing that, what will you do, will you get proof against me, my Jaan has got that from you. Madhuri says he is lying. He says its fine, if Prerna needs to marry me, what will Anurag do. Anurag shouts I will execute you.

Navin says you won’t have the ability to do this, its my work, the truck which has hit your vehicle, I was driving it. Madhuri says he is lying. Navin says no, your predetermination is incredible that people came there and saved you, I expected to see you drying. He gets on hollering on Anurag. He says you have made a pulverization in my life, I don’t permit to anyone to destroy me.

He stops and says I let him know everything. He asks Anurag to go and announce that Navin is a terrible man, Madhuri is his significant other and he attempted to kill you, no one will confide in you, even your mom won’t confide in you, if you precede me now, I will execute you. He goes. Anurag stops Madhuri.

He says you are staying with such a pitiful man and you are tranquil, aren’t you humiliated, don’t you have any emotions or estimations in heart, he attempted to slaughter me, he is getting hitched to someone else. She says he isn’t my significant other.

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He says he is your loved one, anyway not an average one, he is such an inconvenience producer, he is distracted, I don’t know why you are keeping mum, for what reason are you helpless, if its about money, Navin has picked the wrong young woman, I won’t let Prerna advance toward getting to be Ronita, illuminate Navin, he will wind up being the individual being referred to, his redirection will be over this time.

Prerna gets the rose in her book. She smiles. Anurag comes. She says I was thinking about you. He asks as to for what reason did you think about me. She says you gave me this rose. Jitni dafa… .plays… He makes her wear the bangles. He vanishes. She gets restless and says how might you do this. Navin comes. She asks you? He asks as to for what reason did you get uneasy seeing me. She says I wasn’t expecting you. He gives her a couple of papers.

He says I have named this house to you, and this is 10 lakhs check with the objective that your family feels secure, its a wedding favoring from me, if its all the same to you recognize it, what happened, take it. She says whatever Anurag let me know, is it substantial? He says I m taking it back, you are irritating me, I m a human, bye. She stops him.

Prerna says if its real, I won’t relinquish you, when its about a young woman’s feeling of pride, I exhibit an other image, I haven’t spared the eve-secret, you can check the paper highlights. He says I capitulated to you by virtue of this mindset, keep it up. He leaves.

He says no young woman has tested to speak with me like this, no issues, I will see you, I will make you cry, yell and request kindness once we get hitched. He leaves. Anurag comes there. He says I have to reveal to Prerna that Navin got hitched to Madhuri. Shivani sees him and audits the notice. She guesses I ought to illuminate Anurag with respect to the ejection letter. She says listen to me, I have found something. He asks what.