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Chandragupta Maurya 21st December 2018 Full Episode 30 Today Latest News Article

Chandragupta Maurya 21st December 2018 Full Episode 30 HD watch Video online. Above is our video for you to watch online Sonyliv Chandragupta Maurya 21st December 2018 latest full episode. Chandragupta Maurya Episode by Sony TV. Watch Show Chandragupta Maurya 21 Dec 2018 Drama Episode Online Download Free.

Serial/Show Episode: 30

Media Source: Tune PK

Telecast Date: 21st December 2018

Video Owner: Sony TV & Sonyliv

Chandragupta Maurya Today News

Durdhara goes on a long drive in her chariot with her friends and says she is feeling free with cool breeze. Chariot goes through market. A farmer hurls onions in travel and stops chariot. Durdhara’s buddy exits and shouts how might he is to stop princess chariot. Durdhara leaves chariot. Agriculturist says it took him 3 months to build up these onions, yet master’s officer is paying only 2 coins which won’t reinforce his family for even 2 days, so it is better she kills his family or take her supplication to ruler. Chandragupta with his partners stops seeing show. Durdhara shouts he is wrongly charging ruler’s association, if even a single individual backs him off, she will reinforce him. Nobody comes in front. She organizes warriors to lash him. Officers lash agriculturist. Chandragupta

assumes it isn’t his worry and endeavors to leave, yet stops when he sees farmer’s mother tries to save her youngster and even she is lashed. He stops officers and confronts that they finished a noteworthy sin by repelling a mother who is most pervasive for a kid on the planet. Durdhara orders contenders to get him. Chandragupta says this man passed on his supplications to his princess, yet she rather rebuked this poor man, she is just a grandiose princess and not god. Officers attempt to get him. He hurls onions on warriors. His mates join. Durdhara’s buddy evacuates her appearance it is waste to concentrate on a slave, warriors will get him anways. Chandragupta continues hurling oinions on officers and escapes. Chanakya watches everything staying among group.

Chandragupta Maurya Latest Update

Dhananand condenses gold in a noteworthy utensil and reveals to Mahamartya that 1-day slave sovereign thinks himself as certifiable ruler and set out to burden princess Durdhara, he should make him one and everlasting, for that he will pour fluid gold on slave and kill him first. Mahamartya says he is right. Dhananand solicitations to get the child and bring him.

Mura seeing her better half’s sword and wear adjust recalls Chanakya telling that Bharath needs a moon/chandra who can spread his light on whole Bharath, he sees Chandragupta is one who can end up joined Bharath’s to the exclusion of everything else, yet fortification that he should be alive. She by then recalls Chandragupta encouraging his name to Dhananand and figures her kid will end cruel Dhananand.

Durdhara exhaust recollecting Chandragupta’s words. Her mates serve her kheer. She says she essentially needs slave to be rebuked. Sidekick says officers almost certainly gotten him now. Dacoits attack her gathering. Chandragupta walks around wild with his colleagues when Magadh warriors hurl net of them and catch them. Bhairav watches with Chanakya and approaches him for what substantial reason did he send his men covered as Magadh warriors to get Chandragupta. Chanakya says he is preparing Chandragupta to be a future ruler.