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Bigg Boss 12 27th December 2018 Full Episode 103 Today Update And Review

Bigg Boss 12 27th December 2018 Full Episode 103 HD watch Video online. Above is our video for you to watch online Voot Bigg Boss 12 27th December 2018 latest full episode. Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode by Colors Tv. Watch Show Bigg Boss 12 27 Dec 2018 Day 103. Drama Bigg Boss 12 Episode Watch Online Download Free.

Serial/Show Episode: 103

Media Source: Tune PK

Telecast Date: 27th December 2018

Video Owner: Colors TV & Voot

Bigg Boss 12 Today Update

Detainees wake up to tune hanikarak. They all move. Dipika hits the move floor with Sree.

Romil is resting, alarm plays. Surbhi says you have no respect for boss, Romil says I was not resting, they are fools. Surbhi says recognize your oversight.

Colossal Boss calls Sree in development locale. Dipika says you will tell what it is, he signals. He goes in, genie says in case you have to get saved, ask Surbhi to relinquish all her tissue papers and wreck them. Sree says I can’t ask her, they are her quality, I am not asking her. Genie says you have to ask her. He calls Surbhi and says dont do it anyway they require you to squash your tissues.

Surbhi sees her painted tissues. Sree says she doesnt need to do it. Dipika says she is supporting you. Surbhi obliterates

her tissues and says this infers a ton to me. Genie asks Sree to go.

Surbhi says to KV that I got a shot and I am not outlandish, his better half said it but instead he move me. Sree offers thanks toward her.

Surbhi says to Sree that I was your fan and will remain your fan, we can disregard our fights. Romil says we are both your fans. Sree says you keep saying that nobody can keep you from winning BB. Romil says I incite you to not allow you to smell trophy. Sree says manage your cerebrum, you are say and nothing. Romil says you don’t have anything, you keep talking about stories in show. Sree says you are box not a lawyer, you did all performance infront of young women and saying this? you are just a guest here as you are self ingested.

Romil says to Deepak that its dreadful, Deepak says its their side. Romil says he is sharp player, he affronts me for not being eager, I never imply his family or anything.

Genis asks Romil to destroy her family photos. Romil trains it to Somi. Somi says I have two photos. She brings her photos. Romil says family is in heart. Somi crushes her photos and offers it to Romil. Genie says I am happy now.

Somi says to Surbhi that I can do anything for KV, you and Romil.

Romil asks for that her grip him, nobody will take it wrongly. She gives him agreeable grasp.

Genie says to Dipika that is its time for kin’s atonement, ask Sree to crush his family photos. She trains it to Sree and says think with respect to it. Sree doesnt think and wrecks his photos. Sree says its essentially only 2 weeks, my significant other and young lady are aficionado of Dipika, I would do anything for Dipika and KV. Dipika offers thanks toward him and says okay? Sree says its reasonable photos.

Sree says to Dipika that my significant other will appreciate, you are my sister, they are essentially photos, you are life, its chill. He holds her hand and says dont cry.

Bigg Boss says Somi, Rohit and KV are allocated for the present week.

Sree creates his family’s name and treasure you and place them in packaging.

Somi says to Romil that anybody can go this week, I have to appreciate.

Deepak and Romil are resting. Surbhi asks for that they wake up. BB says if you both are done with resting, come in living area.

BB says to detainees that in end, all prisoners would need to show their every capacity to win hearts yet you people are resting, maybe you are egotistical or essentially depleted, in case we dont require social occasion of individuals to rest, we have to achieve something. He asks Surbhi to assume 8 sheets and position them in store room, its her decision in a manner of speaking. Surbhi says come people. Deepak says I was not snoozing. Surbhi says Romil’s bedding, Deepak’s dozing pad, Surbhi asks regarding whether she can rest without dozing cushion? Dipika says I will see what I can do, take your decision. Sree says take your decision. Dipika says its order and you are taking sides here too. Surbhi says speak with respect. Sree says accept my resting cushion too.

Dipika says to Surbhi that repel people who rest, why us? KV says every single dozing cushion are going. Sree says I dont need to banter with you, KV says fine. Surbhi and Sree shouts at each other. Dipika shouts to stop it, she asks Surbhi to be sensible, you have to tune in. Surbhi says talk gently. Surbhi says I know alert didnt play for you yet we have to give 8 sheets. Dipika says its control for people who rest in daytime, now take my dozing cushion, dont feel frustrated about. Dipika leaves. Surbhi says I have to take 8 resting pads.

Dipika says there are 3 young women in house so we can’t grant bed to young fellows. Dipika comes to Surbhi, Surbhi says talk peacefully. Sree says you are not rebuking people who rest, render retaliation. Surbhi says you people need to modify. Dipika says I wont alter for other individuals. KV says to Sree that you were hollering to take your bed why? Surbhi says she is fighting for resting cushion so to speak?

Dipika says to Sree that I have adjusted over everything aside from they get distressed when we raise voice.

Surbh says I have controlled my inconvenience yet they are inducing me. KV says they were over-reacting, its sentiment of immaturity. Surbhi says I expected to acknowledge arrange as a leader.

KV scrutinizes rules that they talked in the midst of intrusion and play task and lost lavishness errand anyway BB is giving them another plausibility. They have to cook with chutni. Dipika and Somi will be head gourmet specialists. Dipika’s accomplices will be Deepak and Rohit. Somi’s helpers will be Sree and Romil. KV and Surbhi will be judges and sustenance will be made for them, it must be chinese. The two gatherings will get 1 hour and after that judges will pick who wins, champ will get indulgence spending then victor will pick 3 detainees to share excess spending plan, nobody else can use it and Surbhi will guarantee.

Surbhi says to KV that we will be sensible and see who makes delicious sustenance.

The two gatherings are working in kitchen. Somi says we will make noodles and cooked rice. Sree says base on one first.

Dipika is dealing with her gathering, she asks Rohit to put in bowl. Deepak uses hands. Romil says he is using hand.

Both gathering passes on sustenance to judges. Surbhi says Somi’s noodles are hot. KV says its sticky, I dont like it. They taste Dipika’s dish, Rohit says its an ordinary people dish. KV says I like it. Surbhi says its too much incredible, she kisses Dipika’s hand. Surbhi says we have touched base at goals that Dipika wins. Her gathering is peppy.

All are getting a charge out of sustenance. They bring hampers. Rohit says for us three. KV offers it to Dipika, she says I will grant it to Deepak, Rohit and Sree. Sree says no, its not mine, my gathering didnt win so I wont take it. Dipika says I will confer it to Somi.

Dipika approaches Sree for what valid justification you are incensed with me? he gives her things back and says I dont require it. Dipika says what was the arrangement? what did I do? I did my task. For what reason would you say you are incensed? Sree says this happens when.. Dipika says what? I am not eating without you. Sree says you have a ton here. Dipika cries and says be perturbed, I am going, she leaves. Somi asks what was the arrangement? She says nothing. Sree comes to washroom anyway Dipika neglects him.

Deepak says its celebration. Sree cries. KV solaces him. Dipika comes there also and says calm down, Sree says enough. Sree says stop it, they all make him smile. Sree says permit me a couple of minutes. Deepak says your cute kids came too. KV says its solitary 2 weeks, we did it. Sree says I am not with them today. KV says she came here. Sree says I am bothered that she came here.