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Aladdin 11th January 2019 Full Sab TV Hindi Episode 116

Aladdin 11th January 2019 Full Episode 116 HD watch Video online. Above is our video for you to watch online SetIndia Aladdin 11th January 2019 latest full episode. Aladdin Episode by Sab TV. Watch Serial Aladdin 11 Jan 2019 Drama Episode Online Download Free.

Serial/Show Episode: 116

Media Source: Tune PK

Telecast Date: 11th January 2019

Video Owner: Sab TV & SetIndia

Aladdin 11th January 2019 Today Episode

Aladdin Plot: The story starts with Mallika, an astonishing and wickedness sorcerer who means to accept command over the world. Her plans are impeded by her specialist Hassan who executes her by changing her into a statue. Be that as it may, before she fails miserably, she changes Hassan into a Genie and traps him in a light not to be found until 500 years as she ensured to return after a comparative time.

following 500 years a child named Aladdin is imagined in Baghdad who is the certifiable proprietor of the light yet is unmindful of this. He is a sort hearted youthful individual who reliably endeavors to satisfy everyone. He is also Baghdad’s notorious Black Thief who many have endeavored to get and have failed. He transformed into the Black Thief on the demand of his nearby relative Nazneen and uncle Mustafa. Aladdin and his mother Rukhsar are significantly owing indebted individuals and are constantly incited in light of the way that Rukhsar’s significant other Omar was reprimanded for being a swindler and was caught by some lofty part. Rukhsar in any case does not confide in this.

Aladdin truly enjoys Baghdad’s Princess Yasmine since youth. Yasmine is a brilliant and able young lady who endeavors to twist up Baghdad’s Queen at some point not long from now. Yasmine’s home guardian and nearest partner Piddhi who is moreover Aladdin’s buddy, likes him anyway Aladdin is unmindful of her feelings. Zafar, the clever head director needs to secretively expect command over the situation of power of Baghdad by executing Emperor Shahnawaz and wedding Yasmine. For this he needs the puzzling light. He offers Aladdin ten thousand gold coins in case he makes sense of how to pass on the light to which Aladdin agrees.

Consequent to vanquishing various troubles, Aladdin meets the safeguard of the light who is none other than his father Omar anyway them two are uninformed of this reality. Omar recognizes Aladdin is incredible on an essential dimension and takes him to the charm clasp where Aladdin uses his insight to get the light yet can’t escape as he by chance took a coin from the fortune with him.

Out of disappointment he rubs the light from which Hassan, who is as of now a Genie turns out. They return to Baghdad where Aladdin presents Genie as Sheik Ginu. Omar searches for backlash from the overall public who limited him. He in like manner believes that the overall public who encompassed him executed Rukhsar and now he needs vindicate from the Sultan.

Yasmine finds that a gathering is locked in with unlawful activities in Baghdad. She is oblivious that the pioneer of the group is truly Zafar. She enters the Gang’s camp anyway Aladdin comes there as their sacks had got exchanged again. He gets them caught anyway they make sense of how to escape when Ginu saves them from fire. Aladdin endeavors to give the light to Zafar yet can’t do in that capacity as he and Rukhsar had developed a bond with Ginu. Aladdin similarly comprehends that Zafar is the pioneer of the group and he had endeavored to beguile him. Omar can’t kill the Sultan since he keeps considering Yasmine who is guiltless.

Yasmine edifies the Sultan concerning the Gang. Seeing her industrious work and duty, he crowns her the Queen soon. To commend this Yasmine and Piddi go to a buddy’s home for an eat up where Aladdin and Ginu are accessible as well. Aladdin and Yasmine meet each other again and start doing combating and Ginu sees love sprouting between them.

Zafar finds a duplicate of the Sultan named Jhumman and contracts him. Zafar makes Omar commandeer the real King and replaces him with Jhumman. The next day in the court, on the solicitations of Zafar, Jhumman as the Sultan declares that Yasmine will marry Prince Zain of Marrakesh. Zain can hypnotize people. Zafar asks Zain to hypnotize Yasmine to influence her to end up miserably fascinated with him. Zain takes Yasmine to the Royal Garden for a walk where he makes reference to the Black Thief which makes Yasmine consider the events when she met Aladdin and she smiles.

Zain asks for that Jasmine get a dull rose from the garden with the objective that she can capitulate to Zafar by smelling it. Aladdin goes to save her and is instantly stricken by her striking appearance.

Aladdin sees Yasmine swoon ensuing to smelling the rose. He comprehends he considers her and does not want to lose her. He tries to break the seal and makes sense of how to part it anyway Zain starts pulling it towards him with charm. Aladdin makes sense of how to escape with Ginu and Yasmine and keeps her in his home in order to shield her from Zain.

Yasmine revealed Nazneen by impacting her to recognize that she circled Aladdin. Rukhsar hears Nazneen and reasons Aladdin. Aladdin warms up toward Yasmine. Aliza rebukes Zain by changing him into a Khatuba, a charmed poisonous scorpion and solicitations him to go snack Aladdin. Khatuba fails to eat Aladdin and snack Rukhsar. Aliza, chafed by this, butchers him. She appears before Zafar and uses Rukhsar to get to Aladdin.

In the meantime, Shahnawaz who is gotten by Omar, recuperates his mindfulness. He makes sense of how to escape and appears before Yasmine who as of now gets pushed and starts connecting the odd lead with her father when Piddi uncovers to her that he stole the ring Yasmine’s grandmother had given her. Yasmine tries to find reality and ensuing to seeing her father almost, she comprehends his stubbles is fake and pulls it suitable off.

At that point, Zafar and Aliza cover themselves as consecrated heavenly individuals and try to find who was snacked by Khatuba. Rukhsar’s prosperity starts breaking down and she starts losing her memory. She doesn’t see Nazneen, Mustafa and Gulbadan. A duel contention is held to pick another screen enlist for the château in which Aladdin accepts an enthusiasm as he required a chance to meet Yasmine. In any case, Nazneen and Mustafa take his protective layer and offer it to Gulbadan who wins the duel.

Aladdin and Ginu take Rukhsar home where she has no memory of Aladdin being her youngster. Ginu sees the Khatuba’s snack keep an eye on her neck and reviews tha Mallika used to use it. He uncovers to Aladdin that there is a mysterious library where he can find the answer for the lethal substance. Ginu immediately goes there and Aladdin goes to the market. Yasmine in like manner wears her Kali Chorni outfit and sets out to find her father. She is sought after by officers yet Aladdin saves her.

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She sees the pressure all over ans he unveils to her that Rukhsar is wiped out and Yasmine uncovers to him that her father is missing. At the library, Ginu finds the right book and expect that Ilmi Baba in the Mehran Caves has the reaction to each question on the planet. He would similarly have a fix and he comes back to Aladdin, who is energized on hearing this. Yasmine moreover requests following along in light of the way that she needs to find her father. However, Ginu alerts them that there are a huge amount of dangers in the sinkholes.

Aladdin opens his charm cover ans Yasmine is staggered to see it floating perceptible all around. Aladdin and Yasmine have a couple of minutes on the cover when they can’t on looking at each other. Ginu then accomplishes home to manage Rukhsar. A storm caused by Zafar and Aliza hits Aladdin and Yasmine and they meet a suspicious elderly individual who offers them ensure. They reluctantly go in anyway she pushes them into a mirror as she was Aliza in veil.

They accomplish the mirror world where they have to bounce into the right mirror to get out and after some wrong choices, they accomplish the right world. Out of bliss, Aladdin and Yasmine grasp each other. By then they meet Ilmi Baba anyway need to beat him in duel. They make sense of how to beat him and he gives Aladdin the prescription and uncovers to Yasmine where her father is.

He sends Yasmine there while he sends Aladdin to some other place where to his daze, Aliza has taken control of the light and Genie and she fights Aladdin who is set out to save Ginu. Exactly when Aladdin saved Ginu he came back to his mother where his neighbors are expressing that she will hurt their youngsters because of Nazneen that uncovered to them that she is possessed.

But Aladdin and Ginu make up lie and tall the nieghbors lie yet when they heard over Aladdin and Ginu’s exchange they belived Aladdin and Ginu and now Aladdin is promising his that he will see whether his father was an authentic backstabber or not yet rather Nazneen is clearly going to keep him from showing that his dad is guiltless anyway in the other hand Yasmine is having extraordinary events with her father and he talls her that she will be the ruler sooner or later soon yet when its single her and piddi. Piddi is happy that she talls her Aladdins jokes yasmine asks piddi what his name is yet before piddi could tall her she meddled with said the cover theif in like manner talls frail jokes and smiles and piddi talls her in case she is beguiled yet Yasmine says that they are simply colleagues and nothing more,but than Yasmine meets with him and she needs to offers thanks toward him she left and she sat tight for him a hour.